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Magic Swipe Copy for Steve Jaffe’s Webinar this Wed @9 PM: Bring People & Get Paid!

Are you crazy excited about the Wednesday webinar this week with Steve Jaffe like we are?

Are you so excited that you want to share it with everyone?

If so then we want to help you do that with a couple of simple clicks! Deal?


We’re amped up about this Webinar with Jaffe!


Because this dude is a mad scientist genius (MIT Grad MBA) and he’s taken that sort of training and meticulously tweaked and tested his “Magic Webinar Sales Formula’… to where it converts like crazy for leads, sign-ups, and sales!…

Best yet…he’s got the formula down so that ANYONE can step right into it… and start bangin’ out $3,000+ paydays (more like pay hours) anytime they want!

We’ve had tons of people asking us for Swipe copy so that they can promote this to their list! Ask at MLSP… and you shall receive! We’re here to help YOU succeed!

Training Webinars December 4, 2014 | 1 Comment

Two Easy Strategies To Promote a Special Webinar on Dec. 10th, and GET PAID HUGE AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS!

Steve Jaffe WebinarNext Wed Dec 10th MLSP is doing one of the industry’s largest product launches of 2014. On Wed. Dec 10th at 9:00 PM, L4 leader and MMT member Steve Jaffe, an expert in webinar marketing, will be teaching and training the MLSP community how to sponsor 16-28 reps/month and sell ANY product or service with webinars.


Steve hit $30,000 per month doing only 1 webinar a week by perfecting a potent webinar selling strategy even newbies can emulate.

Watch the video to learn directly from Steve 2 easy strategies to promote the December 10th launch webinar so YOU earn easy commissions.