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So often we think we need to know everything about our product, service, or have to be the best presenter in our business. Well, the truth of the matter is what we need to know is people. People are the core of your business and the better you know them, the bigger your paycheck will be. The top earners in network marketing that you run into daily understand this concept fully.  Understanding personalities inside of network marketing can allow you to be way above your competition by leaps and bounds. Don’t believe me?? Have you ever run into a top earner that wasn’t the best presenter, marketer, or knew everything about their product?? Well if you have I can tell you that 1 thing that they are good at is understanding people… the core of your network marketing business.

Personality types are taught in different ways, by different people. Some people teach animals, colors, seasons, etc. No matter what way you were taught or are learning today, the 1 thing that you want to know that there are 4 main personality types. For this particular blog post, were going to break them down in elements… Fire, Ice,Wind, and Water. Now don’t concern yourself with the words that are describing the personality, focus on the personality type and how to connect with them better.  Once you truly understand these personality types, your bank account will end up on steroids, REALLY;)

Your “fire” personality is your type A person. Very decisive, goal oriented, independent, persistent, competitive, goal oriented type of person. They are attracted to leadership, money, lifestyle, challenges, freedom, and material possessions. They can be very impatient, poor listeners, demanding, impulsive, and may speak over you if you are slow to speak. These types of people are true leaders, don’t need a lot of hand holding and they want you to get to the point– right now;) You have to challenge them, play up to their ego’s, let them know what you can do for them, show them the big picture and how they actually fit into that picture. The don’t take orders very well, so give them options, not opinions

Your “ice” personality is your analytical, accurate, detail oriented, orderly, professional business type of person. You can normally tell who they are by looking at them closely. They have calenders which can tell you what there doing 9 months in advance, and are your research oriented type of people. They work very slow because everything has to be perfect. They normally avoid making decisions on the spot because they have to do research by nature. They are motivated by clearly defined taks, stability, security, low risk and task that require precision and planning. You want to give them the facts and leave them alone. Present logical reasons to do the business and avoid any hype whatsoever, that’s a total turn off for them.

Your “wind” personality is your life of the party—- they go with the flow. They are very enthusiastic, optimistic, exciting, outgoing, personal, fun loving, and inspirational people. They can also be very unrealistic, reactive, impulsive, and in most cases very unorganized. Your “wind” personalities are quickly bored by routine and are not motivated by money. They are motivated recognition from others,  but most importantly– having fun. Don’t bore them with all the facts, talk about the fun. Don’t bore them with the compensation plan, they don’t care— they want to go to the party after the meeting!! Wind personalities know a lot of people and are true social butterflies. If they have a face book or myspace page you better believe they have a lot of friends… ie– your network!!! They need to be told what to do, but do it in a nice way. Whatever they are doing, it must be fun or they will quit doing it. Reassure them that you will be there for them when they need you and whatever you do, smile and laugh with them all the time!!!

Your “water” personality is your very patient, easy going, stable, empathetic, reliable, supportive type of person. They are motivated by helping others and seeing others succeed. They are very indecisive, and slow to take action so in most cases you have to make a decision for them. They always avoid confrontation and fear change. They are the most loyal members of your team, great listeners, and have a need for quality relationships. They don’t care how much you know, uless, they know how much you care. Show genuine concern about what there needs are. Show them the big picture in relation to helping hundreds and thousands of people and they will be some of your best teammates.

This is a simple re-cap of personality types and obviously there is much more detail on each 1. However, if you use this as a guide point when talking to prospects, you will see a difference in there responses when you know there personality type. REMEMBER, your product is people, so know more about people than you do your product and you will make a lot of money in this wonderful industry called network marketing!!

To YOUR Success,

Cedrick Harris
MyLeadSystemPRO L4 Leader
Industry Top Earner

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  1. Eric Lopez

    June 24, 2010


    Pure gold once again Ced! Honored to be on the same team!

  2. Linnette Williams

    July 3, 2010


    I recently bought the “Conquer the Internet” video but did not get the “bonus” tapes. Can someone please contact me regarding the correction of this oversight?
    Thanks. Great info, great company.


  3. Behzad

    December 25, 2010


    This is Incredable

  4. Michelle Cheatham

    February 23, 2011


    Wow, good information to know. Thanks for sharing.

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