A Contest in a Contest: Winner Gloria Reibin Ranks 5th in MLSP Futuristic Sales

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Growing up, in Cleveland, Ohio, I wanted to act or be a bum. Spent 6 years living and acting in NYC, turned to writing. Spent a year bumming around Europe with a typewriter. Came back to NYC to write, make films and search for ultimate answers to the questions of Being.

I’ve practiced Transcendental Mediation since January 16, 1982 and the ™-SIdhis since Janurary 1, 1983. More recently, I’ve gained some valuable insights in the self-development arena through Robert Scheinfeld’s Being in Truth guided tour. If you want to know what that is, just ask.

I”ve written, stories, plays, screenplays and made some short films. I’m currently deeply involved in Internet marketing and starting to act again. Who would of known?

I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area (East Bay to be more precise) with my husband of 25 years.

First having been introduced to the concept of Multi-Level-Marketing in1997, I was hooked. The concept sounded great. Why not buy your products and services from people you know and have them earn a profit instead of the CEOs of the major corporations. It made sense, right?.

Passionate about helping people achieve both personal and financial success, I have studied over the years with the most innovative teachers of self-development and Internet network marketing.

It didn’t take me long to find out that the failure rate in the industry was huge – something like 97%.What about the other 3 %? What were they doing?

Many marketers had their answers, but none of them made sense to me.It was all about bothering your family and friends or spending a lot of money on ads or lists or learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization.), or throw MLM in the garbage and do affiliate marketing, a slightly disguised form of MLM, which again made other people grow rich and the average person grow debt.

Duplicaion is the secret to success, they shouted. Okay, so I could get on the phone and convince people to going my business. It ended there. I could never get them to duplicate my efforts.

It took years of searching before I found the answers to these questions. Now I am able to mentor others. That’s what this fan page is about.

I’m currently working with Sisel International. https://gloriar.mysisel.com

Gloria Reibin

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