MLSP® Member of the Month – Trasy Rincan | August 2010

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My name is Trasy Rincan, and I’m 23 years old. I am very grateful and absolutely love my life and am a strong woman of faith, integrity, passion, energy, commitment, professionalism, and joy. Currently, I serve in the military as an Air Force Police Officer, full-time. I also received my Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology along with my personal trainer certification. As a military professional, I truly believe that I’ve been able to integrate qualities such as discipline, persistency, determination, commitment, and consistency to assist me in getting results.

I was on a mission to building my XYZ business last year and I was chasing my friends and family constantly. So then I started turning to Facebook and attempting to bug my long-distance friends and family. Then, one day, I was so incredibly blessed to have found MyLeadSystemPRO™ in November 2009 on Facebook by Jim Chao. He implemented one of those free Facebook strategies and I literally had no idea what I was getting into. I remember what I said to myself before I got started — “This is the ANSWER to my problems; this is GOING to work for me.” Truthfully, I had the mentality that this is going to work for me because I wasn’t going to do what I was previously doing. I HAD NO IDEA people made money ONLINE!!!

I remember attending one of Jim’s private Q&A webinars and was determined to get my “system up.” It’s so funny because I truly feel that you don’t require any knowledge regarding computers just drive. For some reason, I thought phone numbers were going to magically appear in my back office and start getting signups. I called Jim and he told me to go back and check the marketing section. WOW! When I found that out I literally rolled up sleeves and got to work.

My biggest breakthrough is attending More Heart Than Talent in January 2010. That event alone transformed me and my life completely. I hired my success coach, Mr. Jeffery Combs who has assisted me in enhancing my communication skills and prospecting skills. I also made a business decision to collaborate with Amy Neal & Cedrick Harris in my network marketing company. I was very blessed to have met B, Norb, Todd, and team. Going to events can change your life as it did mine.

MyLeadSystemPRO™ (B, Norb, & Todd & team) has had a HUGE IMPACT on my life. The people I have met within the community are my life-long friends and life-long business partners. This system has assisted me in treating my business like a BUSINESS and running it like a BUSINESS and not a hobby.

Additionally, I love taking care of myself-internally & externally by working out, eating healthy, smiling, laughing, and personal & professional development. I also love meeting new people, continually learn new things, water sports, yoga, meditating, and having fun. I’m absolutely committed to my business and assisting others to achieve their goals and dreams.

I truly believe everyone can maintain balance and have fulfillment in every aspect of their life and have everything they desire and deserve to have. I truly believe it is imperative to have faith, love your life, impact others, and become a better you each and every day. Become YOUR BEST!

Trasy’s Mission statement: My purpose is to empower and inspire others by living a daily life of faith, integrity, passion, energy, commitment, professionalism, and joy; and make a positive impact on every person whom I come in contact with and to assist others in believing in themselves that they have greatness inside, ability to reach their maximum potential and truly deserve to have it all. I’m committed to assisting others in achieving their goals and dreams.

Trasy Rincan
Dayton, Ohio

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