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We’ve said it before, but MyLeadSystemPRO™ has attracted the most powerful group of entrepreneurs and built the strongest tight-knit community on the planet.

Over the last 3 months thousands of networkers across the globe competed in MLSP’s March Madness, and we wanted to thank ALL who participated.  Trust us, we know how hard you’ve been working over the last 3 months if you were in the hunt for one of the top 3 prizes, and we commend you for taking action.

If you didn’t win one of the 3 prizes in your particular leadership level, that’s OK!  Remember that in these contests you are competing against some of the most talented marketers walking planet Earth, and you are in the process of becoming one yourself!

The key is that every single day you get stronger mentally, you stay plugged into the MLSP community, you take steps forward each and every day, and you become a sharper marketer by learning more skills and increasing your value.  That’s how you become the best, and that’s all the March Madness winners have been doing.

Rumor has it that the next MLSP contest’s #1 prize will be valued at $10,000!  Will YOU take it?  You can IF you start taking action TODAY!

This contest came down to the wire at all 4 levels and again, congratulations to all the winners of the MLSP March Madness!  Here are your March Madness top Prize Winners..

L4 Winner:  David Wood
L3 Winner:  Layla & Toby Black
L2 Winner:  Scott Welch
L1 Winner:  John Womack

L4 Winner:  Cedrick Harris
L3 Winner:  Adam Chandler
L2 Winner:  Joe LoBalsamo

L1 Winner:  Tucker Keeling

L4 Winner:  Nicole Cooper
L3 Winner:  Dwayne Pyle
L2 Winner:  Nathaniel Laurent

L1 Winner:  David Dubbs


  • Amy Jo Neal L2
  • Debbie Turner L1
  • James Wehner L2
  • Jordan Schultz L2
  • Matthew Eury L1
  • Ola & Shola MLM Brothers L2
  • Trasy Rincan L2
  • David Hanson L2
  • Drew Berman L2
  • Lawren Smith L2
  • Leigh Carter L2
  • Linus Ruzicka L1
  • Sophia & Aaron Rashkin L2
  • Aaron Chen L2
  • Bradley Gillies L3
  • Jeremy Barnett L3
  • Kenny Gregg L2
  • Mari Ann Lisenbe L2
  • Mia Davies L3
  • Yo Le L3
  • Jim Chao L4
  • Ket-Sang Tai (UK) L4
  • Kevin Hokoana L4
  • Larry Beacham L4
  • Lawrence Tam L4
  • Marc Barrett L4
  • Tracey Walker L4

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  1. Ido - IdoItBigTime

    June 24, 2010


    Congratulations !!!
    Thanks to MLSP my Buisness is Exploding
    Looking for the Madness

    Ido – IdoItBigTime
    Why All The MLM & Internet Marketers Experts Using Those Tools:

  2. J. Lamar Ferren

    June 26, 2010


    Congratulations to Everyone! This was a very fair and exciting contest.


    ps. Who is Connie? Nuff said…

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