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Blog MLSP News March 30, 2012 | 5 Comments

by MLSP L5 Global Leader Ray Higdon

I have been using MyLeadSystemPro® (MLSP®) for well over two years now. As I do NOT think is is a proper fit for every network marketer, I thought I would share how I have used it and why I continue using it and perhaps it will help others out there see it like I do.

What is MyLeadSystemPro?

MLSP is an attraction marketing system that allows you to plug into a very powerful community and use a paint by numbers system to brand yourself online. Before MLSP there have been many other “so-called” mlm systems but usually they would brand the creator of that system or was just too limited in what the system covered. MLSP is a full course meal for the person wanting to become an online brand in the network marketing space.

Common Questions About MyLeadSystemPro

Q: Is it super simple to setup?
A: Well, that depends. If you are a little bit technical, you can certainly follow the step by step videos and get it setup. If copying and pasting creates confusion, MLSP is going to be a hard road for you, but, so is anything online.

Q: Once you join MyLeadSystemPro, do they try to sell you other stuff?
A: Like any real business, there are tools and resources that can help you have success faster. For some reason, online MLM is the ONE industry where most people try to do it for free without buying any tools. You can cut your yard with a pair of scissors but I would suggest investing in a lawn mower instead. The answer is YES, when you are a member of MLSP, you will see offers for other tools and trainings and many of them I personally bought that contributed to my success.

Q: Doesn’t MLSP distract from building your Network Marketing business?
A: If you let it, it will. The main reason I support MyLeadSystemPro is they constantly preach that their system is there to help you build your network marketing company and if you do it right, it will. Nowadays almost 90% of the people I enroll come from the Internet (it wasn’t always like that). My biggest suggestion is to MANAGE YOUR TIME. If you manage your time properly, you can build an MLM business at the same time that you brand yourself online.

Q: How is the upline support in MyLeadSystemPro?
A: That greatly depends on who your sponsor is. What I have found is a lot of people join MLSP but never reach out to their sponsor. If you are in MyLeadSystemPro, and you are serious about it, I would suggest reaching out to your sponsor and getting their suggestions. I tell my team that I do not do technical support as the videos walk them through that stuff but I do give guidance and marketing strategy advice, which is what most people need to hear anyway. One of the very best things about MLSP is their amazing community. Daily wake up calls, weekly webinars and events/retreats, their community might be the best I have ever seen.

How I Make Money With MyLeadSystemPro

This one question has made me a lot of money with MLSP. First, let me just say that no matter who you are, not everyone is going to want to join your network marketing business. If you are an active member of MyLeadSystemPro, you can turn those no’s into profit!

When I am talking to someone who is fired up about their yummy shake, juicy juice or whatever and they are unsure if they want to join my company or not, I ask them this simple question… “How are you doing with generating leads online?” In most cases they have no idea how to do that and are interested in where I am taking the conversation. I simply tell them that I use a system called MyLeadSystemPro and that I can send them a video if they want. I would estimate about 30% of the people that DIDN’T join my company end up joining MLSP. What if you could take 30% of the people that told you No and make a profit on them? Well, you can, just like I have.

Who Should NOT Join MLSP

There are certain types of people that I suggest staying away from MyLeadSystemPro. I will do my best to describe these types here:

1. If you a get rich quick junkie. This will NOT make you tons of money quickly, not even in the 14 day trial you can take. If you are looking for something FAST, MyLeadSystemPro is not for you (nor is anything else really).

2. If you are unable to manage your time. There is more training in the MLSP back office than anywhere on planet earth. Those who cannot manage their time run the risk of spending all day in the library. Use a portion of your time for system setup and training but continue to use the rest of your time for active prospecting.

3. If you are really, really bad technically. You don’t have to be a technical genius but you need some basic skills. The only exception is if you embrace your lack of skill and understand you are going to really work hard to get over YOUR lack of technical knowledge.

Hope this MLSP review has helped you, leave a comment if you have ever received value from the Co-Founders, staff and community over at MyLeadSystemPro.

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  1. Christopher R Brown

    March 30, 2012


    Good article Ray. Appreciate the share and the guidance.  I’m new to MLSP so this is right on time.

    Chris Brown

  2. Amanda Evans

    March 30, 2012


    Awesome information Ray! Everything you said is exactly what I think! :) Great information! 

  3. Steve Baker

    April 2, 2012


    Hi Ray, I appreciate the candor. I used to be a MLSP member several years ago when it first started but I got disillusioned when I was asked to join two dozen different affiliate programs to “monetize” my online recruiting efforts. After several months and no budget to join the other affiliate programs, I was getting no results so I could not cost justify it any more.  Have things improved/changed since then? I can spend $50/mo for a tool that brings in leads, but I’m still not in a position right now to spend a bunch more. I am very techie, so setup is not a problem. And if you can help give direction so I can make MLSP work for me, I am interested in talking to you.

  4. Angel Alvaro

    April 2, 2012


    MLSP is really a great training source and lead gen tool. If you’re non-techie and think you can’t handle the tech setup, there’s always solution to that, find someone who can help you set up the system for you so that you can start with the rest…

  5. Anonymous

    April 20, 2012


    Great review Ray, thanks!

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