Why You Should Call Your Leads?

Prospecting February 1, 2014 | 0 Comment

You can master the art of generating MLM leads but if you haven’t mastered the phone then those leads won’t do you any good.  In this post I want to discuss when & why you should call your MLM leads.

First off let’s discuss one of the biggest questions we get asked often, “When should I call my MLM lead?”  We say call them that day.  Often times we will call our leads and we will actually hear our video playing in the background, pretty cool huh?

So, why call your MLM leads that same day?  I can’t stress this enough because if you don’t call them then someone else will.  Understand that when someone has gone online to research a particular topic I can assure you that you probably were NOT the only page they opted in to.  So remember the early bird gets the worm but not always…..and let me explain why in a moment.

If someone took the time to put their phone number in to your page you have peaked their interest and it’s up to you to fulfill that interest with your offer.  Truth be told most marketers are lazy, looking for a magic automation button and never call their leads. This is a GREAT opportunity for you to be different than the lazy marketer and establish yourself as someone who cares about helping others succeed and you can show this by picking up the phone and calling your leads as they come in.

There have been many times when Bill and I call a lead and the person on the other line says to us, “Wow, I can’t believe you called! You are the first person who has called me and I have opted in to hundreds of pages!”

Back to the early bird gets the worm!

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