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About James Fanale

Jim Fanale, twin brother of MLSP Co-Founder Brian Fanale, started his career as a Senior Multimedia Specialist for NASA in Washington DC. After one year, he took a job as a web designer and developer for a public relations and marketing firm in DC working for clients such as Shell and Microsoft, while doing freelance work for Lions Gate Films, BET (black entertainment television) and more. After honing his design and development craft, Fanale decided it was time to go out on his own and founded Fanale Creative. Since its inception, Fanale has become one of the most sought after designers in the home based business arena.

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  1. MLSP says

    We hope you enjoy this ‘Definitive Guide to Starting a Blog’ as much as we enjoyed creating it for you! #gettingbetterandbetter #MLSPvalue #MLSPfamily

  2. Julie Syl Kalungi says

    OMG this “starting a blog definitive guide” is a whopper of a cuisine. Definitely what all newbie bloggers need. I wish I had sen this 4 years ago.

    I use SEO samurai and its amazing, although its not free. Yet at $3 its a steal for the work it does for me.

    I learnt some new Keyword research tool and remembered some I haven’t used in ages. Thank you James! 🙂

    Julie Syl

    • MLSP says

      YES! SEO samurai is great! And we are glad this ‘Definitive Guide to Starting a Blog’ taught you about some new keyword research tools to help improve your blog’s performance! <3

  3. Dr. Lisa Thompson says

    WOW….James – I learned a TON here especially with Google Analytics. Right now I have 93,000 views on my SITES blog, and always looking for ways to find out what my audience is looking for on my blog. That little trick where we activate site search using Google Analytics was HUGE. Now I know I will hit my goal of 100,000 views by the end of July!

  4. Lorraine Trace says

    Such a blessing to be part of a community that lives up to what they teach VALUE-SERVE-VALUE-SERVE
    The crazy thing is this is was just the free stuff! I have and continue to learn so much through MLSP
    Thank you, James.. and the rest of the team!

  5. Julie Velina says

    This is a great post! I learned a lot from it.
    I am a little confused about the structure thought, do you suggest our blog menu should be our categories and have a different blog page?

    At the moment, I have a home page, an about page, my blog and then a contact page. I was planning to add a service page. This seems to be a very common structure, isn’t it correct?

    • MLSP says

      Hi Julie, I’m not quite sure I understood the first question. Your ‘navigation’ you described is common. Your main navigation should be focused on getting your readers where you want them to go as quickly and easily as possible. Always be thinking about how you can increase and improve your readers’ experience when they visit your website.

  6. Rene Linares says

    Very detail post I have bookmark this website. Thank you for the resources that MLSP BLOG provides! Glad to be a fan!

  7. lusekelo HUDSON says

    This is a very detailed and informative guide, I wish I saw this earlier but still, it helped, I made some changes to my blog structure and I am going to work on some suggestion about keyword analysis, I was doing a little bit different.
    Kudos guys this post have added value to my blogging knowledge.

    • MLSP says

      Excellent! We are glad you got some value my friend… we’d love it if you shared this post with your friends so they too could get the value!

  8. Binod Shaw says

    I have found every thing ok and you have mentioned in very simple way to make responsive website.I love your target market idea which is help me more.


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